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Tradicion SGR Gold Label

fichagoldMore than 25 years old…complex but gentle

Brandy Tradición Gold is the result of a blend of excellent “holandas” (distillates) and aguardientes (distilled wine liquor), matured for many years in American oak casks which had previously matured oloroso wines from our own stocks, which is currently over twenty five years of age. Qualified and classified as Solera Gran Reserva –although this category does not add anything to this brandy age because it is conceded to any brandy with more than three years of age- this brandy continues its ageing process in American oak casks, which previously hosted Oloroso Tradicion VORS wines.

Its complexity is outstanding, but its tenderness, both in nose and palate, makes it a very tempting drink for both expert and not brandy drinkers. Its aromas of spices -clove and nutmeg- noble woods toasting, coffee, tobacco, and a sweet liquor candy at the end, leads to taste. It is amazing when paired with bitter chocolates, medium to strong Habana cigars and nuts. For more adventurous consumers it is very good accompanying certain cheeses, like smoked sheep cheese. In winter we recommend not drinking it colder than 16° to 18°C, but should be poured in an ample wine glass. Both in winter and summer it is really pleasurable with some ice cubes.

This is truly an exceptional product category where the assembled original wines resulted in this easy to drink old brandy, one in its class, paired to none. Brandy Tradicion: unique quality, limited production.

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